What can you do?


Balloon makes it easy to earn passive returns on your NFTs. Simply deposit a floor-priced NFT of your choosing, specificy a few parameters, and earn interest on your NFTs! Read More


Borrowing NFTs has never been easier. Just choose an NFT to borrow, post collateral, and do with it what you wish! You may return any NFT of the same collection to repay your loan.Read More


By borrowing, selling immediately, and buying back later, Balloon allows you to effectively short NFTs. After taking a loan, you may return any NFT within that collection Read More


Limited Risk,

Attractive Returns.

Specify your NFT's valuation and a collateral multiplier to ensure borrowers are overcollateralized to your standards. If a borrower does not repay a loan, you will have the opportunity to seize all of their collateral after the loan's expiration date.



@ 2x



Borrow on your own terms.

When borrowing, you may choose the NFT with the most optimal valuation, collateral requirement, and loan duration for your circumstances. Upon repayment, you will only pay interest proportional to the time elapsed relative to the loan duration; you will only need to worry about liquidation if you do not repay your loan before the end date. In the event that you are liquidated, you will forfeit all of your collateral to the lender but will remain the owner of the NFT.

Roadmap Balloon


Live on Rinkeby Testnet

Balloon is live on the Rinkeby testnet and lending and borrowing is enabled. Visit the app here to test out the platform.

Enable ERC20 Collateralization

Soon, Balloon will support the use of ERC20 tokens as collateral and for interest payments. Currently, only ETH is permitted to be used.

Security Audit

Before its release on the Ethereum mainnet, Balloon will be receiving a security audit from a reputed institution. Once we make our contract(s) public, we intend to host bug bounties for developers.

Mainnet Release

Balloon will be released on the Ethereum mainnet soon and will interact with live NFTs.



How am I able to bet against NFTs using Balloon?


By borrowing an NFT, selling it on the open market, waiting for the floor-price of the collection to drop, buying the same or different NFT back and returning it, you can effectively short an NFT collection.


Why don't I see the NFTs I've deposited on Rinkeby?


We often update our smart contract to include new features. Once Balloon is deployed to the Ethereum mainnet